Dirty Hair Solution

Some of you already know that I am a big fan of not washing your hair everyday.  It can cause your hair color to fade way too fast and your hair can become more oily the more you wash it.  Your head needs some natural oils on it.  I think most people’s hair looks best the day after washing.  Sometimes hair can just look too clean.  It is also a lot of work to shampoo everyday.  That is just too much work for me.  There are a few tricks I use to make my dirty hair look good.

*If you have bangs, I do.  You know when you wake up in the morning they are all over the place.  I always re-wet the root of my bangs with either Bumble and bumble thickening spray or a spray bottle with just water in it.  Take a flat brush and blow dryer and go back and fourth until dry.  This will add body to your bang and fluff them up.  Works every time.

*I really like dry shampoos.  You spray all your roots, let it dry the shake it out with your fingers, brush and/or blow dryer.  It absorbs any oiliness and gets rid of that “dirty” smell.

I used to use Bumble and bumble’s hair powder.  That can get pricey.  My really good friend told me about this amazing dry shampoo from CVS.  I always love a bargain so I thought I must check it out.  It is amazing!!  It is about $8 a can and is a VERY close second.  I highly recommend it.  It comes in a really cute retro looking can.  So cute!!




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