A November Wedding

Back in November I had the privilege to do the hair for one of my favorite clients on her big day.  It was in Paso Robles and it was just beautiful up there.  I had never been there and am looking forward to going back.

The bride had me do her hair and all of her beautiful bridesmaids hair as well.  No bridezilla here.  I have never seen such a calm bride, and all the girls were so sweet, fun, and laid back.  The music was on and the champagne was flowing; so much fun!  It was a great morning.  No stress.  That can be rare on the morning of a wedding.

The bride wanted something soft and romantic.  So I kept it simple. They all looked great!  It didn’t hurt that all the girls were beauties to start with.I had a blast at the wedding.  Everything was perfect!  I wish every wedding could be like this.




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