Hawaii Hair

I was lucky enough to be able to go to Hawaii with my best friend.  We had a wonderful time and I am missing the beach as I type this.  As I was packing my bag, I was trying to decide what in the world I would do with my hair for 6 days in Hawaii.  I was certainly was not going to bring a flat iron on this trip.  I simply needed something to tame the frizz (which I have been blessed with hair that has very little frizz) offer some type of sun protection (The sun can be very damaging, and who wants dry ends?) and something that would leave it soft, shiny and conditioned.  AH HA!  Moroccan Oil!!!  I pretty much use this on a daily bases.

This can be used on damp and/or dry hair.  I use about a pea size amount (less for short hair) all over, except for the roots, then style as usual.  You can then apply a very small amount to dry ends to have really smooth, shiny hair.  Although it is an oil, it’s not as “oily” as you might think and is pretty light weight.  The more you use it, it actually strengthens, repairs and conditions your hair.  I even apply it pretty heavy the night before I know I am going to wash my hair in morning or before a work out for extra conditioning.  It even reduces drying time, which is always a plus!  It is made from Argan oil.
It is a super antioxidant, offers UV protection, free radical neutralizer, and it strengthens hair elasticity.  It’s very hydrating and is also great for detangling hair, wigs and extensions.  took this with me and applied everyday.  Aside from some light styling spray, this was the only hair product I used.  It was perfect.
This is a great everyday product and it lasts a  really long time!  My current bottle is 4 months old and not even half way through.


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