Oribe has Arrived

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am that the salon I work at (Desa) now carries Oribe and also L’Oreal Professionnel!

I first got introduced to it at my old salon and feel so lucky that my new salon fell in love with it also.  I am not kidding or pulling your leg when I say that Oribe is the best styling product I have EVER used.  I love everything about it, the smell, packaging, of course the product, and Oribe himself is just a dream.  He is a very humble, amazing hair stylist that has done just about every big star and does editorial work all the time.  Very inspiring.

I am very new to L’Oreal Professionnel and I like what I heard in the class and look forward to playing with it and trying it out.  It is very much a treatment line for all types of hair.  It seems to be very popular in Beverly Hills, L.A. and Orange County.


loreal pro

There are currently only two salons in Orange County that carry Oribe and I believe Neiman’s will be getting it soon.  I can not rave enough about Oribe.  I am truly in love.

(photo: oribe in action)




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