Need a night time rescue?

I have told you over and over again that conditioning your hair is important.

I have also given you tips to make it super easy.

Here is the EASIEST way EVER!!!

Night treatments!

Here are my two favorites.

L’Oreal Professionnel iss ultime smoothing night treatment

It contains nutritive oils and smoothing agents, so while you are getting your beauty sleep it is working hard smoothing your hair and making your hair more manageable in the morning.

Last but not least…

Alterna Caviar Overnight Hair Rescue

This product contains micro-sized natural hair proteins and amino acids that penetrate each strand to restore hair from the inside.  Helps hair’s natural shine and elasticity, softens while moisturizing, seals the cuticle and helps prevent future breakage.

Both products are applied to dry ends, sleep, then wash out in the morning.  What else could be easier!  I have used both products and like both of them very much.  Both products don’t test on animals which is another plus.

Now you have no excuse not to condition your hair, unless you are the laziest person alive.


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One response to “Need a night time rescue?

  1. Natalie

    Although L’Oreal does a very good job at covering it up – their products do test on animals. While I can’t say if the product mentioned here in particular has been tested on animals or not, the company as a whole is very well known in the animal rights community for testing on animals. In the past they have been caught requesting the ingredients of their products be tested on animals in a private lab. While the end products (thus far) haven’t been proven to be tested on animals, L’Oreal does test the ingredients on animals. This is why both PETA and at one time The Body Shop aggressively campaigned against the company for being unnecessarily inhumane.

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