Summer Trends According to Top Celeb Hair Stylists…

Last Friday on The View, celebrity hair stylist, Brian Renfroe talked about the latest summer trends (better late than never).

Here’s a quick recap:

Sally Hershberger talked about the “edgy pixie” cut.  It’s longer in the front and messy.

Such as:

Next, Ted Gibson says deep conditioning is VERY important!!  (sound familiar?!?!?)  Why is it important?  It will help cut down on frizz.  The ends need it the most, but don’t forget about the roots.

Kim Vo saying the hottest hair color is BRONDE .  Combo of brown and blond.

Just like this:

Lastly, Oscar Blandi said messy hair is sexy!!!  Using a dry shampoo is an easy way to boost the roots and give some volume.  As you may already know, I am a huge fan of Psssssst-Instant-Spray-Shampoo (CVS carries it cheap). I am quite excited about Oscar Blandi’s dry shampoo and need to get a bottle to test out.  It is invisible!!!  Can this be true????  I will report on that another day.

So some of this news about summer hair is old news, like the “bronde” hair color, but I had to give you the latest info!


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One response to “Summer Trends According to Top Celeb Hair Stylists…

  1. I love these pics- I really wish I could do the edgy pixie cut, but it looks just awful on me- messy I can do! I have never been a big fan of dry shampoo, even though its SOO convenient just because my blonde hair gets so dirty looking when its not clean- I will have to try this, just to see.. would be great if it worked, thanks for the tips- love the blog!

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