Emmys 2010

*** After of week of trying to get this post up, I decided to post the half I have finished.  The rest will be up as soon as I get my computer working right again***

I love award shows!  I mostly love the red carpet.  I get withdraws waiting for award season to start.  Thank goodness for the Emmys.

I thought Jimmy Fallon did a great job!  I wish Dexter and LOST would have won more though.

Here are my favorite (and least favorite) of the night.

Let’s start with the good…

Both of their hair looking good.

On the red carpet it was hard to see how great Heidi’s hair looked.  Here even during an after party it looks amazing!  And how sick are her nails!!

Nothing over the top.  Just Pretty.

Both edgy, I LOVE them!!!

And the WINNER….

LOVE the hair color, LOVE the cut/styling. LOVE the dress!  Total girl crush on this one.

***The bad…  soon to come!***



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3 responses to “Emmys 2010

  1. megan

    Christina was my fav too!!!!

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