To my clients

Just in time for the holidays, I wanted to do something special for my clients.


Send in a new client before Christmas and receive a free L’Oreal Powerdose treatment (a $30 value)

What is a L’Oreal Powerdose you ask??

Powerdose treatments are exclusive in-salon services that are custom prescribed by me 🙂 for your specific hair needs and designed to instantly restore the beauty of your hair.

It really is an amazing conditioning treatment that makes a big difference.

So to my awesome clients, pass my card out, tell your friends, family, co-workers, and that random lady at Target to come get their hair done by me, and get a special treat the next time you come in.





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5 responses to “To my clients

  1. I have never done these before, but it sounds great! Hope you’ve been doing ’em up!

    James Clark

  2. Shayne


    I’m one of Matt’s cousins and I have to tell you, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

  3. Thanks for the “tip”
    I will try it as i trust in your opinion ..

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