Hot, Hot, Hot

Here is a quick list of my all time favorite hot styling tools, I use just about everyday.


First, the Elchim hair dryer.  I have the glossy black one and LOVE it.  Hands down the best dryer I have ever used.



Next, the Croc flatiron.  So smooth, doesn’t pull the hair, ceramic, gets hot fast, you can control the tempature, and I love that it automadiclly shuts off after about 30mins of non-use.

Finally, the Sultra curling wand.  Gets up to 360 degrees, no clips, or lines in the hair after using and ceramic.  So easy to use!  I let my hair air dry, then grab this and curl random pieces small and large, takes 5mins and I’m done.  Perfect wavy, beach hair.


I have found these items on Amazon, Overstock, and other beauty discount sites.  My best luck has been on Amazon.  Just be carful of FAKES!!!



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3 responses to “Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. Well, that hair dryer looks really fantastic. I would love to more of these kind of reviews. 🙂

  2. It’s cool, I also use the best hair tools!
    electric hair straightening brush

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